Hello, my name is Dionne and I have been crafting for a very long time. As a very young child my mother tried to teach me to knit, it was a disaster. However, it must have sparked an interest in making things and, partly to prove that I was not totally useless and partly because I really wanted to make things, I taught myself to crochet. Over the years I have developed a love of cross stitch and all types of paper craft ..... I eventually even taught myself to knit.

I am married to a very understanding man, thank goodness, because I spend all my time either crafting, thinking about crafting or talking about crafting. I am hopeless at housework and dinner is often late!

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Friday 18 December 2020

Spiced Christmas Blend

Sorry, sorry, I am running really late today with my post, it has been a very busy day.  Just one week until the big day and there is still so much to do.

I cannot decide whether the tag today in my Advent Countdown Tag Book is advertising tea or Coffee ... K Kringle's Spiced Christmas Blend.  What do you think?

Yesterday I finally got around to making my Christmas cards.  I have never been this late before and I still have not written in them.  I guess that is what happens when you spend all of your time making face masks.  Today's masks have another Scandinavian style design in navy and white.

Last night Daisy the Elf decided that she needed a bit of a work out and went rock climbing .......

Up the front door.  Just look at her go, she has a great technique.

Safety first in all things, Daisy has a little helper holding on to her rope.

Once again, I am sorry for my tardiness.



  1. The navy and white Scandanavian design is very smart and very different, I love it. Daisy rick climbing is hilarious, I love the bows, so very clever, and her reindeer friend acting as anchor. I wish we could have a few more days at this point, just to enjoy the build up for a little longer.xxx

    1. Both of my nieces have so much imagination, one of them spends weeks thinking up all of these things and she jots all of her ideas down in a little note book. The things they do are too good to keep to myself, which is why I share them with you on here. They really do astound me.

      I would like a bit more time so that, once I have finally got everything done, I can relax for a few days before it all kicks off, instead of being too tired to enjoy it all.

      Have a good weekend.

      Dionne xxx

      Have a great weekend.


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