Hello, my name is Dionne and I have been crafting for a very long time. As a very young child my mother tried to teach me to knit, it was a disaster. However, it must have sparked an interest in making things and, partly to prove that I was not totally useless and partly because I really wanted to make things, I taught myself to crochet. Over the years I have developed a love of cross stitch and all types of paper craft ..... I eventually even taught myself to knit.

I am married to a very understanding man, thank goodness, because I spend all my time either crafting, thinking about crafting or talking about crafting. I am hopeless at housework and dinner is often late!

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Tuesday, 18 December 2018


It's me again, back with my second post of the day ... again, this is beginning to get something of a habit.  Anyone would think that Christmas is on it's way or something.

Between my sisters and my best friends, they have something like 13 grand children - with more on the way.  You may remember that last Christmas I made them all animal toys from the Little Cotton Rabbits range.

I wasn't going to bother knitting them all something this year, however, I found a pattern by Linda Castles  on the Ravelry website for a sweet little lamb's scarf , I could not resist, so I ordered some Aran weight wool and got my knitting needles out.

These four were my first attempt, how cute are they?  Although, I think their top knots may be a little on the large side.  

The scarves are only meant to wrap around the neck and they fasten by passing the tail through the mouth of the lamb.

I shall be back again in the morning, please join me.



  1. aaawww these are absolutely brilliant love them
    Carol x

  2. I left a long comment on this post yesterday but it doesn't seem to be here. These are just the cutest, adorable and clever thing EVER. The recipients are very lucky and I'm sure they will love them as much as I do.Do you remember the sock puppet tv star Lamb Chop with his (or was it a she?!) assistant Shari Lewis? I desperately wanted a Lamb Chop of my own, but this scarf would have been so much better. X

    1. My goodness, I never made the association with Lamb Chop, but yes, I can see it too now you point it out (I always thought of her as a her, she had those great big eyelashes). I thought that Shari Lewis was the most elegant lady I had ever seen on TV - or anywhere else come to think of it.

      I got rather carried away with making them - as you will see.

      Dionne xx


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