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I am married to a very understanding man, thank goodness, because I spend all my time either crafting, thinking about crafting or talking about crafting. I am hopeless at housework and dinner is often late!

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Saturday, 22 July 2017


Day nineteen of my personal Christmas in July challenge to share with you the matching dresses and jumpers I have been knitting for my niece' Christmas elves.

For all of my elf clothes in this challenge I have used Julie Williams 'Seasonal Dresses' and 'Seasonal Sweaters' for the basic pattern for my designs. These patterns were designed to fit the 'Little Cotton Rabbits' series of soft toys but my niece's elves are slightly larger, so I made them in double knit rather than 4 ply.

I have mentioned in my earlier posts that Julie gives all of her designs a name and this dress pattern is called 'Falling Snowflakes' - which just happens to be the same name as the pattern from yesterdays post.  The patterns are very different, as far as I can see the only difference is that this version is from the seasonal dress patterns leaflet.

The yarn I have used here is alpaka double knit for the blue and baby soft double knit for the white.

This was one of the first patterns I tried to re-work to get a pattern for the jumper and I was not very confident about taking the design up into the decreasing (where the sleeves are shaped).  Instead I added silver snowflake charms to the top of the jumper.  With hindsight, I am not sure I like the silver charms, but it would be very easy to remove them and leave the top of the jumper plain.


PS Whilst I really love to read your comments, I will understand if you do not feel you have anything to say about yet another dress and jumper combo, perhaps you could just say hi to let me know that you stopped by.


  1. Don't touch the snowflakes!!! Personally, I love them. Another great shade of blue. Especially live the dress from this pairing, the band of white and the pattern is superb.x

    1. Thank you Lisette, I just keep thinking that sometimes less is more. If my niece wanted to, she could remove a couple of the silver charms from the jumper and put one of them on the dress, like a broach.

      Dionne xx

  2. As you know, I live by more is more 不不不

  3. As you know, I live by more is more 不不不


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