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Monday, 23 September 2019

Oscar's Little Brother

You may recall that a short while ago I promised you more information about Oscar's Little brother.

Oscar and his brother are made from the exact same Mary Jane's Tearoom pattern but I used a different brand of alpaca wool and the grey wool turned out to be a lot finer than the white.  Consequently Oscar's brother is, as you can see, smaller than Oscar, by how much really surprized me, after all the needle sizes and number of stitches was the same for both rabbits.

The result was a much neater 'fabric' and the reduced height made him look that much sweeter - if that is at all possible.

Looking at these photographs I realise that his outfit looks very much like a football strip, I must go back to my post on Oscar to see if he looks the same.

All of the clothes are made in 4 ply cotton, however, I had to adjust the size to make them fit this miniature version of Oscar Rabbit.

This sweet little stripey jumper has a triple heart motif with a polo neckline.

I made the pantaloons in an ivory white and left a slit in the back for his big powder puff tail to pop through.

The boots and socks are the one exception to the 4 ply cotton rule for the clothes, these are made from more alpaca.

His socks are actually part of his feet and legs and his boots slip neatly over the top of the socks.

I do love the fluffy tails these bunnies have.

Just one last shot of Oscar and his little brother so you can see for yourself the difference in size.


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  1. How cute is Oscars little brother love their cute little matching jumpers and those little shoes!!!
    Carol x

    1. Thank you, I think they are both super cute but Oscar's Little Bro is just that bit much more cute because of his size!

      Dionne xxx

  2. I love love love Oscar's brother. Does he have a name?! The expression you have given him is irresistible. As for that jumper! Especially love the red sleeves. X

    1. Thank you and happy October to you.

      It's weird, all the rabbits are made from the same pattern and yet each face looks different - it gives each one their own personality. I did ask whether he has a name yet but not so far, I am sure it will not be long though.

      Dionne xx


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