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Monday 9 September 2019

Oscar Rabbit

I've had my knitting needles out again, this time it is the last of my Mary Jane's Tearoom patterns by Susan Hickson.  Which is very sad in many ways, however all of the bunnies are the same pattern, so all I need do is design my own clothes and come up with a suitable name for my individual bears and rabbits.  Of course, Susan Hickson has design many more toy patterns which are also available from Ravelry, so there are other patterns for me to collect.

The last of these lovely rabbits is 'Oscar'.  Isn't he sweet in his jumper with the heat motif and his pantaloons and walking boots.

Oscar's body is made from alpaca wool, it is beautifully soft but this wool is much finer than any other Double Knit yarns I have ever use. Therefore, Oscar is smaller than stated in the pattern and all of his clothes were much too large, to get his clothes to fit, I  knit them on 2mm needles instead of 2.75mm.

All of the clothes are made in 4 ply cotton.  This sweet little stripey jumper has a heart motif and polo neckline.

If you follow my blog you will know that my sister has a thing about toys wearing underwear and she has installed into me the need to make underpants for my knitted toys.  However, the Mary Jane's Tearoom rabbits do not have underpants patterns so I have designed my own boxer shorts for Oscar.

One of the songs from Bugsy Malone pops into my head whenever I look at this photo ...'So you want to be a Boxer?  In the golden ring.'  Inexplicably it really tickles me how his legs dangle out of his shorts, perhaps it has something to do with the big boots on the other end of his legs.  

On top of is boxers Oscar has a smart pair of pantaloons, made in silver grey cotton and with the obligatory slit in the back for his tail to pop through.

Oscar's socks are made as part of his feet and legs, his walking boots slip snugly over the top of the socks.

Time for the full frontal shot, please look away if you are of a delicate nature.  I can never resist sharing the the rear view with the fabulous fluffy tail.

Now the spoiler alert .... Oscar has a little brother.  Watch out for more news of him some time soon.


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  1. Brilliant Dionne I love Oscar and his little boxer shorts lol.All his clothes are cute and you got them fitting perfectly love the little walking boots too-and he has a brother---interesting!!!
    Carol x

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by today Carol, I always look forward to reading your comments.

      I have made quite a few of these rabbits now and each time the features look completely different, giving them a unique personality, but I think Oscar here probably has the sweetest face of them all.

      Dionne xx

    2. I love them all and you make such beautiful little clothes too
      carol x

    3. Thank you, you really are very kind.


  2. Oscar is adorable. His shoes in particular look so smart and I love the fact that he has boxers on to maintain his modesty! As for that jumper!!! Can't wait to meet his little brother. X

    1. Little Oscar should be putting in an appearance soon, I had a couple of cards to share first and there are also a couple of baby jumpers and elf clothes waiting in the wings - it has been a busy summer.

      I hope you like him when he does appear.

      Dionne xxx


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