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I am married to a very understanding man, thank goodness, because I spend all my time either crafting, thinking about crafting or talking about crafting. I am hopeless at housework and dinner is often late!

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Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Sailor Collar

A pinch and a punch it's the first of the month Mrs Beez and it's time to make a start on those Christmas cards .... are you ready?  Everyone else, I am sorry about that!  Every year Mrs Beez and I say we are going to make a start on our Christmas cards in February and every year we leave it until December!  You are very welcome to join us making an early start this year, I would love to see your creations.  (Just leave the link to your blog in the comments section.)

But today it is all about knitting.  I have always stayed well away from cable stitch in any pattern.  I have tried it and failed.  Recently my nephew asked me to make his son a particular pattern which contained a lot of cable stitch.  I did not want to say no - but I have been putting it off.

There comes a time when we have to face up to the things which we are running away from - or something like that!  As a trial run I thought I would try a pattern with just a little cable stitch.  It is a Sirdar pattern  - number 4179, which I made in King Cole Cherish speckly Double Knit.

This cardigan has a has a V shaped design along the bottom edge.

The cable stitch pattern runs either side of the buttons - these buttons maybe cute but boy do they get caught up in the yarn!  (I think I may be in trouble with my niece.)

What do you think Carol, did I do it correctly?  Thank you for encouraging me to give it another go.

The cardigan has a sweet sailor collar, which also has that V shaped edging.

I suppose I have no excuse now for not tackling that other cable stitch pattern for my nephew.



  1. This is beautiful. The combination of yarn, pattern and buttons is perfect. I am ready!!!! I unpacked my new card blanks this morning so no excuses, let's do it! Xxx

    1. Thank you, but now it is finished, I think the speckles are a bit too much and a plain colour would have looked better ... or perhaps one of those sparkly yarns. Dead chuffed about the cable stitch though.

      I am just waiting for my mirri card and a new trimmer to arrive, they should be here before the weekend, and then I am all set. If you want to make a start now, I will catch you up.

      On your marks, get set, .......

      Dionne xxx

  2. Absolutely beautiful I love the little sailor collar and the cable is perfect -no stopping you now!
    Carol x

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments Carol and thank you for encouraging me to give cable stitch another go. I spent a long time thinking about it and decided to use a stitch holder instead of a cable needle. It takes a tiny bit longer but I no longer have the problem of all the stitches slipping off the needle when I drop it!

      Dionne xx


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