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Monday, 8 April 2019

Daisy, Daisy

Welcome, how are things with you?

Have you noticed how the weather this year has been kind of weird?  Gorgeous in February and then, last week, I got soaked in a snow and hail storm.

I am back today with another of my Susan Hickson knits from her Mary Jane's Tearoom's range of patterns.  This one is Daisy Rabbit, which is available from Ravelry.

Here Daisy is modelling her new clothes so you can see her full ensemble of dress, bloomers, shoes, socks and daisy brooches.

Her facial features are embroidered on - the eyes are made from several French knots.

Daisy looks very smart in her navy blue and white striped dress, white socks and black booties with their large white pom poms, even the buttons are knitted.

There is a slot in the back of her dress to allow her tail to pop through.

Her dress has a pretty daisy at the waist, which gives this design it's name.

The buttons on the back of the dress are hand made.

The clothes are all made from soft 4 ply cotton.

Daisy has soft white bloomers.

The booties have a roll down top and large white pom poms (I stuffed them to give them shape for this photograph).

I made a second daisy for her to wear in her 'hair', it is on a brooch, so it can be moved around.

Next we have the 'naked' shots.  The socks are part of the body.  

Daisy is made with alpaca double knit wool.  From the rear you can see how the tail attaches to the body.

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  1. very smary Daisy love all the outfit and the navy and white is beautiful -I love the daisy inher hair and a little sassy there Daisy showing your bloomers lol.Think February was our fleeting Summer!!!
    Carol x

    1. Ha, ha, ha. You could be right, I have known some pretty brief summers.

      Thank you for your lovely comments.

      Dionne xx

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this and how cute is she striking a pose?! The little daisies are fabulous. I especially love her shoes - I have been contemplating wearing some bunny tail shoe clips myself! X

    1. I am sure you would look enchanting, not to mention a real talking point with your friends and colleagues. Were you thinking of scaling your pom poms up? You would probably need ones the size of tea plates!

      Dionne x

  3. Impressive work! Beautiful everything...and I like Daisy (it's the name of one of my dogs) haha. Wow this looks super complicated but so great!

    1. Hi

      Thank you so much. These are more toys for grown-ups as they are a little more complex. Recently I have been making a lot of kiddy toys, I think it is time I made another one from this collection, don't you?

      Have a great week.

      Dionne x


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